Hi! Welcome to my website.

Here you will find all the stuff I can find of use to tell you about myself:
what I do, who I am, what I make.

There's music and imagery, and words - but don't worry,
none of it's too pretentious.

I really decided to put this site up for two reasons:

1.) After MP3.com went down there was no place to store the
music I've written over the years, or to acknowledge
the bands with which I've played.
I thought that was a shame - so here I am.

2.) I wanted to register kenkramar.com before any of
the other five Ken Kramars on the planet
beat me to it. However, if you are a Ken Kramar
and you're really disappointed, drop me a line and I'll
give you a page to call your own.

I also suppose that since I'm footing the bill for this show,
I get to post my own opinions when I feel like it.

At the very least, it's a place to catch-up with me, if you're looking for me.

So, bear with me... relax, poke around, feel at home.